What’s The Best Portable Enail? – 2016 Reviews & Ratings

person's vaping experienceA person’s vaping experience will rely on the quality of their equipment. If you are using the wrong vaporizer, you are not going to enjoy the session. It will become more of a challenge to go through the process and for most people this is not enough.

The portable e-nail is one of the recent releases into the market and is “cutting-edge” with what it can provide to the vaping world.

However, what does one have to consider when making a purchase? What are the benefits? What is the best portable e-nail available? Let’s take a look.

What Is It?

Let’s start with defining it. The portable e-nail is designed to act as a vaporizer. It is meant to be faster, sleeker, and downright better than some of the traditional e-nails on the market. It has compressed everything and made it better.

Benefits Of A Portable E-nail

some of the models sold todayWhat are the advantages of getting this over some of the other choices? You will find something that is sleeker. You will find it easier to hold in your hands. You won’t feel like it restricts what you can do on a regular basis. It will also perform better regarding your vaping experience.

Isn’t the point of getting a product of this nature to enjoy the experience? Well, this has been tested to provide a lot more than the standard e-nail being sold right now.

It offers better battery life in comparison to some of the models sold today. When you start adding in how quickly it can heat up, you begin to understand why people love it.

Price Range

How much should they cost? Most will fall in the $200-$400 range. Depending on the brand and additional accessories provided. It will vary and has to be assessed based on what you have decided is the best fit.

The price range is highly dependent on the company making it.

In general, you will be able to get a great portable e-nail in that price range. The top contenders for “best portable e-nail” work in this range.

Top 3 – Portable E-Nail Reviews

1. Cloud Electro

1) 11″ In Height And 1.6″ In Diameter
2) Fully Loaded Kit (Adapter, 2 Nails, Cable, Base, Bubbler, Cloud V Pro Tool, Manual, And More!)
3) 6000mAh Rechargeable Battery For Longer Usage
4) Two Temperature Settings (800F And 1000F)
5) Quick Heat-Up For Easy Usage
6) Comes With 1 Year Parts Warranty

your moneyWhat do people have to say about this product? It’s the top dog in this market right now. It comes in for around $299, and you are going to get an outstanding product for your money.

The quick heat-up (takes 15 seconds) and the robust battery are just the beginning with this product. You are receiving a product that provides an incredible vaping experience, and the build quality is sturdy as well. It’s ergonomic, and that certainly does not hurt.

Without a doubt, this is the top highest quality e-nail on the market.

2. G9 H-Enail By Green Light Vapes

1) 2500mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
2) No Power Cable Required
3) GR2 Titanium Chamber For Better Performance
4) Kit Includes Charger, Glass Pipe, Stand, Carb Cap, Portable E-nail, and Much More!

This is an excellent product. It might not hold up to the Cloud Electro, but it’s a damn good runner-up. You are not going to get the same power and battery life, but for average users, this might be all you want.

The reviews are good on this, and it’s our second choice.

3. Yocan Beta

The final is the Yocan Beta.

1) Size/Wattage Control Temperature
2) Compatible With All 510 Threaded Mods
3) Built With Yocan Nero Technology
4) 510 Power Adapter Cable For Great Results
5) Kit Includes (2 Heating Elements, Yocan can Beta Body, Power Adapter Cord, Manual, And Much More!)

a vaporizerIs this a decent choice for those who don’t want to go with the previous two? It indeed does not have the power or quality of the Cloud Electro.

It has a few benefits such as the consistency with which it works. The build quality is exemplary, and the design is ergonomic. You are also going with a brand that uses patented technology for its body. This always bodes well for those who care about the look and feel of a vaporizer.


Without a doubt, you should go with the Cloud Electro. It’s just head and shoulders above the others, and this does not take away from them.

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