Best Synthetic Urine Reviews 2016 – Does It Really Work?

urineIn this article, we’re on a mission to find the best synthetic urine on the market. Dude, having to pass a urine test isn’t a great situation. The good news is that there are fake pee products that consistently produce the results you want.

Caution: Don’t just choose any synthetic urine brand and think it’s going to work. The laboratories don’t want to synthetic urine products to work, so they work hard make them ineffective. There are a couple of reputable brands out there that stay one step ahead of the labs. Keep reading our guide making sure you pick the right option.

Single Versus Multiple Panel Test

The single panel drug testing kits are made to test either pee or saliva for just one drug, and that’s it. These are cheap, easy to use and very fast so lots of employees can be tested rapidly. The multi-panel drug test kits can test for many drugs all at the same time, some test as many as 12 different drugs.

cocaineThe usual list that they check for includes marijuana, barbiturates, oxycodone, opiates, ecstasy, methamphetamines, cocaine, and phencyclidine and more. They come with special test cups that make the process easier, with no handling of the urine required. The test cards are built into the cups and only need to be revealed to see the results. Even though they test for more types of drugs, they are easier than the single-panel kits.

There are advanced tools that check the temperature of the piss and also for adulteration, but most companies don’t use this advanced feature yet, even though it’s readily available. The adulteration check will usually test the PH level, specific gravity, and oxidants to make sure water hasn’t been added or other chemicals to throw off the tests.

The temperature is expected to be between 95°F and 100°F in the first 4 minutes after the test. Any deviation from that would suggest the sample was brought from outside the testing area, and either cooled during transport or was heated in a microwave.

Two Different Ways To Pass

1. Bring Clean Urine From Someone

urine drug testEveryone has heard the story of the guy that was facing a urine drug test and knew he wouldn’t pass. So he had his clean girlfriend fill up a plastic bag that he stuffs into his shorts and heads to work.

His employer sends him into the bathroom and he carefully fills the test cup with the girlfriends urine then takes it to the employer. Just a quick sniff and the guy gets fired because pee goes rancid in just a few hours, you can try it yourself. This is what makes cheating on the test so difficult.

The other complication that can arise is when your supervisor follows you into the restroom and stands directly behind you, or off to one side, to make sure that you’re the one filling the test cup. You won’t be pulling out any bottles and measuring urine samples with anyone standing close by.

2. Synthetic Urine Reviews

Synthetic urine is made to match nearly every threshold that the test labs look for when they design their tests. It is pre-mixed to avoid any mistakes while mixing. It comes in 2 oz. or 3 oz. Containers to match the size cups that could be used by the tester.

It has the correct PH level, specific gravity, and all the right ingredients to match natural urine from a clean subject. However, it doesn’t have any of the waste materials that can go rancid so that it will pass the sniff test every time. It even has the right colors added to simulate urine.

Finally, the most complicated part is making sure that the temperature is maintained between 95°F and 100°F so the sample won’t be rejected for the wrong temperature. The sample bottle needs to be put in a microwave for 10 seconds in order to heat it to the proper temperature and 10 seconds has been tested and found to work in a high percentage of cases.

If you’re unable to use a microwave, then you can use the included pocket hand warmer instead. It’s designed to last up to 8 hours providing heat to your urine sample the entire time if need be. It’s chemically operated and only needs to be squeezed to begin working. You should apply it to the urine sample bottle at least an hour before your test to make sure the sample has reached optimum temperature.

If you’ve bought the highest quality synthetic urine, called the quick fix plus 6.1, then your urine sample bottle has a temperature test strip built right onto the bottle. Simply shake the bottle to make sure the temperature is uniform – all throughout.

Things To Consider

Since the synthetic urine samples can be reheated indefinitely, all you need to do is get a new hand warmer and repeat the process on the next day that you’re scheduled. Many companies do this in order to catch people in the act of cheating, or wear them out with the fear of getting caught. You can buy identical hand warmers online from the same quick fix plus 6.1 website that you purchased your synthetic urine sample from, they’re very inexpensive. You should consider having at least one or two extras on hand just in case.

Why We Love Quick Fix Plus 6.1

Some important points to consider are that your package will be sent in a privately labeled package that doesn’t reveal the contents. Your credit card is charged by a company that doesn’t have any relation to urine testing and is shown on their website. Privacy is a valid concern for them, and they take it seriously in all parts of the process.

If you have a drug test coming up for whatever reason, you should take the time to search online for “quick fix plus 6.1” to see the best synthetic urine provider nationwide. They have an FAQ section and videos showing how to use the product, along with an 800 number to call toll-free if you have any questions or concerns.

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