How To Clean Your Vaporizer

Do you want to know the secret of getting that flavorful and pure vapor each and every time? If so, know that you should always keep your vaporizer well maintained and clean. Do you think that the type of vaping material used to affect the quality of vapor you are getting? This is not the case.

vaporizer penThe first thing that you might want to do is to get to know your vaporizer pen before you clean and maintain it. This is because there are different vaporizer pens, and there are different ways for cleaning them. For example, there are devices for vaporizing oil and wax or herbs. So, there are different designs for each function, and there are different ways of cleaning them.

Secondly, it is important for you to know the different parts of the vaporizer pen. This helps when you want to disassemble the pen before cleaning it. There are three main parts of vaporizer pen, and these are; mouthpiece, ceramic heating chamber, and the battery.

Taking Care of Each Component

Vaporizer pen is used as one device, to clean it is by disassembling to make sure all the surfaces are cleaned properly. There are some unwanted residue and dirt that might affect the performance of the vaporizer pen. These should be removed. The following are parts of a vaporizer pen that need to be cleaned and the best tips for taking care of these parts.

1. The Battery

Do not drain the battery power completely when you are using the vaporizer for the first time. Start by charging the battery. You can charge the battery at least once a week and check the head of your battery to make sure there are no thin films or small particles of leaked concentrates touching the head.

2. Herb Chamber or Oil Cartridge

There is a heating coil inside the herb chamber of a vaporizer pen that is used to vaporize dry, ground materials. The heating coil is very sensitive, so you should never poke it with sharp metallic objects. Use the cleaning tool that comes with the kit or a cotton swab to remove clogged particles in the chamber. Wipe the outer part of the cartridge or chamber with rubbing alcohol, but never use the alcohol to clean the inside of the chamber.

cotton swab3. Mouthpiece

It is easier to clean this part. Mouthpiece serves as the pathway of vapor, so it attracts most of the residue. Use a cotton swab or a soft cotton cloth to wipe the dirt. Use rubbing alcohol to remove the residues that are very hard to remove with a cotton swab.

General Cleaning Tips

To make the process of cleaning a vaporizer easier and quicker, then you should warm up the vaporizer pen. Some residuals might be attached to the heating chamber. Therefore, high temperatures are good for loosening this residual. This makes it easier to clean the residue.

Never pour water or alcohol into the vaporizer pen when you are cleaning it. This is because alcohol or water might seep into the circuitry. Instead, you should use a dab tool when you are cleaning the vaporizer pen.

Are there oil attachments in your vaporizer? If so, then you should separate these attachments from the heating chamber. This should be done before you start cleaning the outer parts of the vaporizer pen with a soft and damp cloth.

These are some of the best ways of cleaning a vaporizer pen. Your vaporizer pen will last for a long time if you are maintaining it properly. Use the tips mentioned in this article to take good care of your vaporizer pen.

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