What Are Dab Rigs? – The Pros, Cons, & Risks

essential oilsThe market is always looking to add new pieces of equipment to the market. Dabbing and vaping have long been adored and dab rigs are a part of what is offered for the average user.

Dab Rigs come in many shapes and sizes but are supposed to assist with the “dabbing” process for those using essential oils.

Let’s learn more about what dab rigs are along with their pros and cons. This should help make it easier to decide whether this is a good option or not.

What Are Dab Rigs?

So, what are they all about? For those who are looking to inhale essential oils, this is an option that helps with the process. This is a concentrate water pipe that is used to inhale essential oils.

Why not just go with the traditional option? What does this dab rig have that a conventional water pipe might not?

Dab Rigs are all about maximizing the experience. This means the flavor profile is a key concern.

If the taste is not good enough, how will the results work out? This is why to optimize the experience, a concentrate water pipe such as this can become handy.

Pros of Using Dab Rigs

Let’s move onto the advantages with the dab rigs on the market and what they can do.

1. The first benefit has been mentioned above, and that would be an enhanced flavor when you start inhaling. This is a water pipe built to improve the flavor and maximize what you are inhaling. Other options are not able to do this at all or as effectively.

2. The next positive would be safety. You are purchasing something that has been made by a reliable manufacturer. You are not taking a risk with your health while using this, and that is a major plus.

3. The last benefit would be the convenience factor. You can enjoy the essential oil as needed instead of hoping to make things work using native methods.

Cons of Using Dab Rigs

Are there any disadvantages with this option?

1. Not really, you are not going to find a better option? Your only other option would be a homemade one, and that is a risk on its own. You won’t have the materials or knowledge to create the right fit so that you will be taking on massive risk.

2. It is smarter to go with the tried and tested brands for this and remove all cons from the picture.

Risks of Using Dab Rigs

What are the risks of dabbing with dab rigs?

There are no risks beyond overheating the nails, and that can happen when you are using a homemade option. You should be going with a certified choice such as the ones being sold on the market these days.

You don’t need to take risks, and those who do are saving money, but risking their health along the way.

You should be smarter about this and use a dab rig that has been made by a professional. This way you will know all of the risks are taken out of the equation for you.

Dabbing is popular in this day and age, but there are many details people overlook when they are pursuing this inhaling option. You want to continue dabbing with an eye towards maximizing what you have. If you don’t, you will always be left behind compared to what others are experiencing.

Sit down and think about what a good dab rig is going to do for you. It will change everything for you in the long-term.

They are not only affordable but highly effective. You will be able to enjoy the flavor more than ever before with a dab rig in your hands.

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